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Career Authority

- YOU -
FlightPath DiscoveryTM

A personalized FlightPath for your career that acts like a coach without all the expense and hassle

- TEAM -
High Resilience Leadership

Training you need for your career. Strengthen your Resilience learning about engaging all generations, communicating effectively and deciding how to decide.

Lead Change

Consulting to help implement change in your organizations.


-Recent Special Event -

Everyone Deserves a Career Plan



What are people saying...

"Awesome tool! I love the probing questions and prompts for timelines, strategic planning, and action."

"I really appreciated the career framing concepts this tool evokes based on your selections. You end up recalling your inclinations."

"The ability to reflect, self-diagnose, and correct is brilliant."

Meet our Team

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Brent Peterson

Career Authority, LLC Co-founder

Brent brings a respectful curiosity and energy that rallies people to the mission, and inspires courage in the face of unknowns and challenges.


Darwin Hanson

Career Authority, LLC  Co-founder

He leads executives to embrace redesign philosophies and to effect organizational change aimed at structuring effective management systems, building employee commitment and increasing shareholder value.

Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth Nelson

Leadership Consultant

She brings fresh perspective providing technical training and insights on how to diagnose the culture, team performance, and manager and employee engagement.

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